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How I found my Tribe

Last week I was introduced to the idea of tribes.  This idea isn’t new, but I had never heard of it being described as tribes before.  Basically, the theory is that we are biologically engineered to be social beings and are constantly trying to find people similar to ourselves to spend our time with.

Looking at my own life this couldn’t be more true.  Almost 6 years ago, I packed my car (and my fiance’s and mother’s) and moved 600 miles away from Canada to the United States. I barely knew anyone here, other than my (now) husband, his family, and friends.  I had no job, no marketable hobbies and no car (my husband’s car broke a few weeks after I moved).  Finding my tribe was a tough journey.  My mother-in-law introduced me to some of her friends from church, but we clashed; I tried joining meetup groups with limited success.  Eventually, I got a job closer to a big city.  This is where I started to meet my “tribe”.  The people I met at my job were less like the conservative folks in my (new) hometown, and more like my family and friends back home in Canada, accepting and respecting of who you are no matter your background or religion.

I did eventually leave that job for one closer to home.  I have a new, ever changing tribe at this job, but I have managed to keep in touch with my old tribe from that first job. I will never forget their kindness, and they will always be my first US “Tribe”.

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  1. I’m so glad that you ended up finding your tribe! That sense of belonging is so important. I’ve found that some of my “old tribes” combine well with my new ones. It’s good to hear you still keep in touch with yours!

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