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Oh the places I’ll go with BoardGameGeek!

I keep discovering more and more great things about my affinity space: BoardGameGeek! In my last update I listed my next steps in interacting with this affinity space. Before I get to those, I would like to share some of the cool features that I’ve come across on the site.

Image of sidebar
My new sidebar!

First, I’ve integrated some code into my website that lists my five most recent board game plays. You can access the list by clicking on the side bar from my site. This code was simple to implement. Simply select a few options from the site, and voila! Board game geek provides you with the javascript to enter into your website.

Second, I’ve discovered the contest area of the site and entered my first contest. There is a new social / party game out by Matt Leacock (author of the famed Pandemic series) called Knit Wit, and being a knitter I was intrigued. To enter the contest I had to answer a few questions based on a promotional video for the game and some forum posts. Getting all the questions right gave you 13 entries into the drawing. The contest ended yesterday (March 17), so here’s hoping I win! The prize is a copy of the game.

Third, someone wrote a “skill” that integrates with my Amazon Echo smart device. You simply give your user name to Alexa (that’s the name you use for your Echo) and then you can ask it questions about your collection. I’ve included a video below of me asking Alexa some questions about our board game collection. Note that I used my husband’s username because he has all of our games entered into his account.


Entering my game collection on the site

I’ve gone ahead and entered some of my games on the site. I’ve entered some of my favorites, most recently played, and least favorites. I only got about 10 games in before I stopped. The process isn’t hard, but it is a bit time consuming. Because I wanted to get the full experience I also rated the games as I was entering them. I thought long and hard about my ratings, and that might be why it took so long.


Using the discussion forums

I chose a couple of discussion forums to browse. They were “Women and games” and “Games in the classroom”. I chose to pose a question to the games in the classroom forum. I asked how I could turn my upcoming faculty development session on Google Apps in the classroom into a game. I woke up the next morning to two welcoming, encouraging and nurturing responses. It also prompted a “geek mail” message from one other member and a few “Welcome” messages from others. I would have never dreamed to make connections with others in my field in an affinity space such as this one, but it happened!


Turning on the new interface

I haven’t had the courage to turn on the new interface yet. I’m worried that I won’t be able to return to the old look if I do. I think for my next update I’ll turn on BoardGameGeek 2.0, but before I do, I’ll make sure to take a bunch of screenshots.

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