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Board Game Geek 2.0!

I did it! I put my big girl pants on and turned on the beta interface for BoardGameGeek! At first I was disappointed, nothing looked different. I quickly found out that the interface for the game pages had changed, and not the home page (or any other features that I explored).

The game pages have a clean, modern look to them, and it seems easier to find things regarding the games in the new interface. There are a few minor changes that I really like:

  • Games now list the number of times you’ve played them (as long as you logged it)
  • How to videos are more prominent, this is important because some games are VERY complicated
  • It’s easier to rank games
My new Avatar!
My new Avatar!

I’ve also started interacting more with the community. I shamelessly posted (on the Women and Games forum) that I’m taking a games based learning class and that I needed to interact more. This garnered a few welcome type messages from regular users and admins alike, and prompted some folks to generously give me geek gold. Geek gold is the currency used on the site to “purchase” avatars, microbadges and UberGeekBadges. I received enough gold to purchase all three of the things listed (and I had enough to purchase 5 microbadges, which is the maximum amount you can have showing at a time). I also received a response from a fellow educator who asked for a link to my website. I sent her a message with a link to my site, our class hashtag and a link to our class site. I hope she can visit and gain some useful information! I did not post the links on a public forum because I am fearful of trolls. Although it would be an interesting experiment in regards to the affinity space, I decided the repercussions might not be worth it.

I also perused some more threads, and found one instance where a woman told a story about how she experienced sexism at a brick and mortar board game store. Reactions were mixed, some people made suggestions as to what her husband should have done, some said they were sorry for her, and some defended the salesperson / establishment and came up with a myriad of ideas (such as the clerk is uncomfortable around women, the clerk has a social disability and assumed that the husband initiated discussion, so that’s why the clerk ignored her) as to why she was treated the way she was. The thread ended up being locked, because of what I assume were negative comments. The discussion was over 20 pages long, I didn’t make it to the end. I will not comment as I do not know the full extent of the story.

I am still logging my game plays, sometimes not as quickly as I like. I’m continuing to explore the forums, and I played a new game on Saturday that I have many questions about, some I might just pose to the community.

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