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Good Game, Well Played!

This course has been a challenging but fun adventure for me. Having learned with Remi before I knew what I was getting myself into before the course even started. I never thought I’d become so passionate about games and learning before taking this class. I often talk about this course at work, and how I can better our own teaching and learning by implementing games and the learning theories I studied this semester. I’m sure my colleagues are tired of listening to me by now, but that won’t stop me from expressing my opinion on the matter!

I thoroughly enjoyed studying my affinity space. I would often find myself perusing the site while taking breaks at work, and bookmarking interesting information to review more in depth later at home. Even though the project is officially over for this course, I am still interacting and engaging in the space; just today I gave some geek gold to a friend of mine who joined to promote his board game so that he can purchase some accessories for his avatar, and others would see him more as an insider rather than just one other person trying to peddle their game to the masses.

hypothesis logoUsing annotation as a means of discussion forced me to learn in a way I had never experienced before. The use of allowed me to interact with my classmates in a method that was new and exciting. I was able to ask questions and respond in an informal and playful way that helped to shape my learning in this course. Annotation allowed me to build upon my learning from week to week. I made connections more easily to other articles or papers that we read. This created a scaffolding effect in my mind which allowed me to grasp the course concepts and apply them in my professional life better than a simple reading and general class discussion. Playfully annotating permitted me to experience learning through play first hand. I enjoyed this different approach to learning and will attempt to implement it in my own courses going forward.

The highlight of this class came early in the semester for me. I love introducing people to new things, and it so happens that the game that was picked for the first shared play session was my favorite board game. Although facilitating the game play through a Google Hangout, and my spotty internet connection, proved difficult, I still enjoyed introducing my classmates to a different style of board gaming that they may not have experienced before. I expected that some wouldn’t like the game, or the style of game, but I feel that the majority enjoyed at least part of the game. I do still plan on a rematch next time I’m in Denver, whenever that may be!

Finally, I would like to thank all my classmates, and my instructor Remi, for a great semester. I look forward to our next “gaming experience” together! Good game, well played!

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