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Drawing your emotions

Today’s daily create is to draw the best moment of your life.  Instead of taking this at face value and drawing what the best moment of my life looked like, I decided to draw the emotions I was feeling while experiencing the best moment of my life.

People will tell you the best moments of their lives are they day they got married or the day that their children were born.  They will tell you about the amount of overwhelming joy an happiness they had when their baby finally made their grand appearance into the world.  Unfortunately, I did not experience that immediate love that some, if not most, new mothers experience.  I carried this baby in my body for 8 months (yes, he decided to come a month early), felt him squirm and hiccup but still felt like I was holding a stranger.

The best moment of my life was the moment I realized I was falling in love with my son.


He was either a week or two weeks old (I can’t remember, most of that is a blur) and he had just finished nursing.  I was holding him in my arms and telling him I loved him (I thought that maybe if I said it enough times it would just happen). He looked into my eyes and smiled.  I was immediately overcome with immense joy.  It was like the sun was only shining on us.  My heart grew three sizes too big and filled my chest.  I started crying with happiness.  It was happening, I was falling in love with my son.

The colors outside the ray of sunshine in my picture symbolize all the emotions you go through as a new mother.  Fear, confusion, sadness mixed with hope, contentment and relief were all emotions that I cycled through for the first few weeks of being a new mother.

I also realize that he probably just had gas, and it wasn’t a “real” smile, but I like to think that it was his way of telling me that it’s ok, and that he loves me.


I went super old school with creating this drawing.  I took a piece of plain white paper and my Crayola Crayons an just started drawing.  I then took a picture (because our scanner isn’t hooked up to our new computers yet) and uploaded it.

I hope you like it!  The best DAY of my life was the day I married my husband 🙂


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