Buffalo Everywhere!

I’m taking a course this summer titled: Media and Mobile Learning. I was very excited to take this class as I really enjoy media production and editing. I already have a lot of skills required (thanks to my job) to create multiple modalities of media so I wasn’t very worried about the work involved, and after my spring course I figured a break would be nice.

The little picture that I painted of a nice relaxing class got a tiny bit smudged this unit. For this particular assignment we had to create a video. Ok, I thought to myself, I’ve created videos before, this can’t be very hard. Boy was I wrong. My first hurdle was figuring out what to make my video about. We got some specific guidelines: Video has to be 3 to 5 minutes long, some of the video has to be filmed by the student, and it had to reference the sentence: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. The first two things I knew  I was capable of doing, the Buffalo sentence had me all in a tizzy. I don’t know much about buffalo the animal, or Buffalo the city, and I wasn’t interested in making a video about bullying… so late in the first week of the unit I put it out there on Facebook that I needed some help. Some of my friends had some really interesting ideas, but my one friend (Sarah, she’s in the video) immediately sent me an instant message (we work together) and we brainstormed the “8 fun facts about buffalo”.

I also ran into some issues with audio and filming. I don’t have a tripod or camera stand, so I balanced my smartphone on my laptop (so that Sarah could read the script) the whole time, making sure not to move between takes. My arms were a bit sore by the end, but I think it was worth it. I also had some issues with Camtasia crashing, I saved often so it didn’t really set me back too much. Even with the technical issues and setbacks I had a blast making this video. Check it out below!

To film this I used my LG G3 smartphone, balanced on top of my Dell laptop. I edited the video in Camtasia, using advanced features with the audio, and inserting callouts, visual effects and images to make the video more interesting. I used music from the Youtube audio library and The Possum Posse. All the images came from Pixabay, or Google Images with non-commercial reuse rights.

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