Media and Mobile Learning – Final Project

I’ve decided to put my final project on my blog for a few reasons:

  • My website is responsive, so it looks good on all devices
  • It’s easy to embed media into WordPress
  • My final project might seem “incomplete” so I wanted to explain why

When I first read the syllabus for this course, I immediately decided on a final project. We are currently transitioning to a new campus, and with this new campus came some new, cutting-edge, classroom technology. My role has shifted to educate our faculty and support these products. With this support, comes many resource materials that I’ve created to supplement my face-to-face training.

So without further ado, here is a series of videos I created that gives and overview of these new technologies and some specific instructions on how to connect to these technologies:


Here are the accompanying resource sheets to go with the videos:

Classroom Technology Competency Checklist for Faculty

Solstice Reference for Apple Mobile Devices

Solstice Reference for Android and Laptops

media:scape Reference


Now you might notice that in the introduction video I mention a software called Collab8, but I don’t have a separate video or resource sheet for this type of classroom collaboration technology. This is because the install of this software has proven to be difficult. We are running into several issues that seem to change on an hourly basis. From problems with some of the promised features, to the computers “bricking” with any updates, and the worst problem being license keys. Without access to the software, I cannot effectively create resources and tutorials. On top of that, today we found out that we will not be able to get this software to work, so we will have to go with another solution. Since classes start in just under 2 weeks, we don’t have time to research, vet and test a new solution, so here is my recommendation for the first day of classes:

Re-image all the computers so that they are regular computers that are connected to the college network. This will allow faculty to use the main classroom computer to project to the big screens, and the wall screens will have a computer for students to use and collaborate together. The Associate Vice President for Information Technology and I discussed some solutions for the mice and keyboards to keep the room as agile as possible. We can also research some switching software that would allow the instructor to manipulate the student pod screens. I will be doing some research on a replacement for Collab8, and there is someone at our consulting group who is doing some research as well.

It’s been an interesting few weeks with all the new technology at our new campus. Although we are running into some road blocks, I’m optimistic that we can make this work and be a pioneering college campus that other institutions of higher education will look to for inspiration across the country.

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