About Me

Lisa the Professional

HeadshotI have been working in online learning for over 10 years.  I first started my journey in the world of distance education in the online programs office at Laurentian University.  This is where I was exposed to the complete makings of an online course and I was fascinated.  I started doing administrative work, answering the telephone, photocopying and mailings and eventually proved myself and worked my way up to be the student and faculty learning management system support person.

Since leaving Laurentian University and moving to the United States I have worked at West Chester University in supporting the faculty with their instructional design in online, blended and face to face formats.  At my current place of employment, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, I lead the instructional design team and I am responsible for researching, evaluating and recommending potential new educational technologies to be used by the College.

I have worked at institutions of higher education with student populations ranging from 1500 to 15,000 students, all not for profit, some public and some private.  I have worked with unionized and non-unionized faculty and staff, men and women, and people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.  You can access my full resume here.

Lisa the Academic

LisaBookAfter working in the industry for 10 years I felt it was the right time to pursue a graduate degree.  I am currently enrolled in the Master of Arts Information & Learning Technologies (focus on Instructional Design and Adult Learning) degree at the University of Colorado Denver with an anticipated graduation date of 2019.  This is my first formal education in the field of Instructional Design.  I am very excited to be a part of this program to further my understanding and qualifications in Instructional Design.

My Learning Philosophy

I love learning and I love helping other people learn. I believe that education and learning is at the core of the human spirit. If we cease to learn, then we cease to grow and improve. As an Instructional Designer, I am always looking for new ways to help others learn and to continue on my own learning journey. If used properly, education is the most powerful tool a person can possess.

I believe that all learners should be treated equally. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, whether that be in a traditional educational setting or in a more non-traditional learning environment. I also hold a special place in my heart for disabled learners. I have family members with physical and learning disabilities and this has lead me to focus on applying Universal Design concepts in my work and personal projects.

Lisa the Person

LovePomOutside of work and school I am very busy!  I am married and a mother to two bright little boys. Our family also consists of a Bernese Mountain Dog and three cats.  When I am not helping to take care of my family, I enjoy knitting, reading, board games and coloring.  In the near future I am looking into enrolling my dog in a program to become a therapy dog!